Online and Time-traveling bookstore. Start-up launch and special exhibition event.
Please join us for the Cologne 2019 launch of REAL // BOOKS, a conceptual re-fit of the gallery's online bookstore in collaboration with writer/artist, Dr. Marq v. Schlegell, ph. D. into a pop-up / online hybrid of unpredictable scheduling.
In collaboration with international independent publishers like Broken Dimanche Press, RE/Search, Spector Books, SuKuLTur, Pork Salad Press, and Semiotext(e); REAL // BOOKS intends to decentralize the current small press distribution system, inaugurating a model wherein the PayPal (or cryptocurrency) user can purchase from the store what will be delivered by the publishers themselves with zero hassle. Doing away with the middleman, REAL // BOOKS challenges the Amazon model by inaugurating a store that needs no stock.

So come over and help us evaporate. REAL // BOOKS launches with a pop-up show room inviting the 21st century shopper not only to browse, but to don white cotton gloves and become intimate with actual copies of rare books ordinarily only on the website.

Deals on real books and special editions by the likes of Amy Ball, Joseph Buckley, Colt Jonner, Karl Marx, Mieko Meguro, Pure Fiction, Fabian Reimann, V. Vale, Mark von Schlegell, H. G. Wells and many other bargains, surprises, rarities and collectibles.

"REAL // BOOKS will function as a rare book ‘antique store,’ having a hard-to-find selection of aged trashy, used pulp paperbacks to discover and purchase at a reasonable price. There will be sci-fi, crime and detective classics with quality art-work covers; as well as other treats: ‘pop-up’ children’s books and other ‘juvenilia,’ such as classic, old comic books, lurid pornographic classics—such as Lydia Lunch’s ‘Paradoxia’—for PhD scholars, and the works of the Marquis De Sade. Also, for connoisseurs of the medium, Professor Mark von Schlegell’s selection of some of the greatest graphic novels. 

"REAL // BOOKS is not conceived as an artwork, but more as simply a great, somewhat antiquarian bookshop. There will be a special area devoted to the celebrated illustrated picture books of the Japanese-born artist Mieko Meguro. Meguro’s works incorporate the influences of traditional 19th Century Japanese wood-cuts, Hokusai, Art Nouveau, British children’s picture books, and contemporary Japanese Manga..."

-- Dan Graham, 2019