Jan Kaps, Sundogz,

Mark von Schlegell
Semiotext(e), 2015. 247 pages.

"The idea of transformation is at the heart of speculative writing. Sundogz articulates this desire both allegorically, through descriptions of shape-shifting subjects in liquid worlds, and structurally, through normalizing a disrupted linearity, letting the point of reading become irretrievable by expansion instead. One viewpoint is diffused by striking two new..." -- Bomb

Set among the water-rich moons of planet Uranus, extremist astro-marine "spacers" have constructed an aquatic world of extraordrinary scope and ambition, entirely invisible to the System at large...

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Jan Kaps, Realometer Re-Loaded,

Realometer Re-Loaded
Mark von Schlegell
135 pages.
with afterword by Paul Grimstad.
essays on Poe, Melville and Dickinson with illustrations by the author.
published by Jan Kaps, Cologne, 2018.

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Jan Kaps, Starlite Compleat,

Starlite Compleat
Mark von Schlegell
published by Jan Kaps, Cologne.

Fantasy story series commissioned in conjunction with Cosima von Bonin exhibitions, with illustrations from Episodes of Starlite films of Frances Scholz.

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Jan Kaps, Venusia,

Mark von Schlegell
Semiotext(e), 2005. 244 pages.

"This is definitely a novel to check out if you're interested in work that pushes boundaries, alters perception or enjoys suggesting new paradigms.... it's tremendously ambitious and is a breathtaking pulse of radicalism in a field that is all too often overly conservative." -- SF Crowsnest

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Jan Kaps, The Lepidopters First Mandible,

The Lepidopters "First Mandible : Mind of the Moths"
Drawings: Iwank Celenik | Text: Mark von Schlegell

Slave Pianos, Yogyokarta and Melbourne, 2015

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Jan Kaps, Desecration of Descent,

Colt Jonner's Desecration of Descent
by Vera Palme and Elif Saydam.
Berlin: Broken Dimanche Press, 2018.

Sold out first edition with original bookmark.

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Jan Kaps, High Wichita Mark von Schlegell,

High Wichita
by Mark von Schlegell. In German, trans. Simon Elson.
Matthes und Seitz, Berlin. 2011.

Novelette in the System Series...

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Jan Kaps, High Wichita*,

High Wichita (First Edition. Out of Print)
Mark von Schlegell
KBH Kunsthal, Copenhagen. 2006.

Novelette in the System Series....

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Jan Kaps, Ozymandiarsch: Drones & Clones 1,

Ozymandiarsch: Drones & Clones 1
Mark von Schlegell
in German. SuKUltUr, Nuremberg. 2018.

Henries Ickles meets a Mary Shelley clone.

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Jan Kaps, The Lepidopters Second Mandible,

The Lepidopters, Second Mandible: "Larvae of the Atom Bomb"
Drawings: Iwank Celenik | Text: Mark von Schlegell

Slave Pianos, Yogyokarta and Melbourne, 2015

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Jan Kaps, The Lepidopters Third Mandible,

The Lepidopters, Third Mandible: "To Serve Moth"

Drawings: Iwank Celenik | Text: Mark von Schlegell

Slave Pianos, Yogyokarta and Melbourne, 2015

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Jan Kaps, The World Set Free,

The World Set Free
H.G. Wells and Fabian Reimann.
with Introduction by Mark von Schlegell.

Artist book reprinting Wells novel among Warburgian imagery.

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Jan Kaps, Total Krank!,

Total Krank
Pure Fiction, Staedelschule, Frankfurt.

Anonymous, multi-authored literary periodical...

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Jan Kaps, Mercury Station,

Mercury Station
Mark von Schlegell
Semiotext(e), 2009. 287 pages.

"Although science fiction is known as a “literature of ideas,” many recent novels in the genre have been stuck in a rut of fun but safe geek technophilia or retro “boy’s adventure” stories. In a way, then, Mark von Schlegell’s Mercury Station feels both fresh and dated, because it ignores most of the current scene. Instead, the novel harks back to the heyday of such New Wave giants as J. G. Ballard, as well as such glorious eccentrics as Ursula K. Le Guin, John Calvin Batchelor, and Philip K. Dick, while shooting off stylistic fireworks reminiscent of Vladimir Nabokov." -- Jeff Vandermeer

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Jan Kaps, Roussel Returns,

"How disorienting it is to realize that the pure industrial power of Roussel comes from within the bubble of total capital -- exactly from where we approach him today already colonized by it. His willingness to spend brought the technologogical future around him before it would appear to develop. Anticipating the internet, Rossel went so far as to invent a well-known mobile home in which he could pay for himself and two others to be moves around the world physically while remaining in his office; paying a real-world cost."

Roussel Returns
Mark von Schlegell
Semiotext(e), 2016. 51 pages.

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Jan Kaps, Rise of the Printers,

Mark von Schlegell & Wade Guyton
Wade Guyton im Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop. London: Koenig Books, 2019.

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Jan Kaps, Zone Furtive,

Zone Furtive
Guillaume Denerveud, containing
Mark von Schlegell novelette" "Coming of Age: Robotique"..
Zurich: TSAR Editions, no. 22. 2019.

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Jan Kaps, Pure Fyction - The Bastard,

Pure Fyction
The Bastard
Cologne: Pure Fyction, 2019. Periodical. 75 pages.
With work by Elif Saydam, Mark v. Schlegell, Rosa Aiello, Ellen Yeon Kim, Aislinn McNamara, Vera Palme, Dan Kwon, Michael Wassmer, Bitsy Knox and Joseph Buckley.

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Jan Kaps, Hamlet - Mise en Scene,

Hamlet, mise-en-scène
EXTRA TROUBLE—Jack Smith in Frankfurt
Edited by Sophie von Olfers and Mark von Schlegell
288 pages color illus.
Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2014

"The publication brings together extensive material from Hamlet, mise-en-scène presented at Portikus, along with recently restored as well as never-published stills, drawings, and writings by American filmmaker and artist Jack Smith, related to his film Hamlet in the Rented World (A Fragment) (1970–73).

Hamlet, mise-en-scène, directed by Mark von Schlegell, was an adaptation that retold Shakespeare's most abused tragedy while channeling the ghost of Jack Smith..."

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Jan Kaps, Ickles, Etc.,

Mark von Schlegell
Ickles, Etc.
with art by Louise Lawler
Critical Spatial Practice 5
Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2014.
142 pages.

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Jan Kaps, Dreaming the Mainstream,

Mark von Schlegell
Dreaming the Mainstream (Tales of Yankee Power)
Merve Verlag, Berlin 2013. in German, translated by Petra Porsche.
with art by Sergej Jensen and Manuel Gnam.

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Jan Kaps, MARX,

Karl Marx's 200th!
Berlin: Karl Records

28 artists celebrating the 200th anniversary of the great philosopher and economist KARL MARX on may 5th with a benefit compilation! Exclusive / previously unreleased tracks by sound artistists co-curated by ANDREAS REIHSE (KREIDLER) ...

includes "Juif" by WARNINGS, written by R. Kinberg, produced by Mark von Schlegell ....

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