Berenice Olmedo

signals: signals... here and there

12 Aug – 19 Sep 2023
Para Site Hong Kong


Installation Views

Press Release

Para Site presents 'signals…here and there', the final chapter of the exhibition series 'signals…瞬息' curated by Billy Tang and Celia Ho.

'signals…here and there' marks the culmination of a journey that has unfolded throughout asix-month period and which featured 25 artists and collectives in dialogue with anexperimental display structure. In the context of this final exhibition chapter, 'here and there' evokes migratory movements, both historical and contemporary, within the context of Hong Kong's transformation as a city. Such movements not only refer to the migrations ofindividuals, but also encompass the continuous changes that evolve with the concept of 'home'. As such, the exhibition frames a fluid conception of 'here' from 'there' to negotiate thedivide separating various histories as well as geographical distances.

Continuing to pay homage to the expanded concept of kinetic art that emerged from SignalsGallery (1964–1966, London), 'signals…here and there' will feature the work of Greek artist Panayiotis Vassilak (1925–2019) known as Takis, a pioneer of kinetic art who participated inthe original Signals Gallery exhibitions. Connecting the historical origins of kinetic art to ourtime, this chapter of the exhibition looks to build momentum and generate a collectivediscussion around today's most challenging questions. Throughout its run, the exhibitionseries has gathered an ensemble of artists, collectives, and designers to imagine howmovements (both physical and social) can be sustained, expressed, and activated usingmultiple sensorial registers.

Previously, the first chapter 'signals…storms and patterns' (18 March–28 May 2023) focusedon self-organisation and the politics of space in contemporary artmaking, while the secondchapter 'signals…folds and splits' (10 June–30 July 2023) reflected on the temporality ofartworks and alternative economies of time. Finally, 'signals…here and there' (opening on 11August) will explore diasporic flows and migratory strategies to think about contemporaryglobal issues through the lens of Hong Kong.