Kresiah Mukwazhi

Kunst-Stoff. Textile as Artistic Material

16 Sep 23 – 28 Jan 2024
Kunsthalle Emden, Emden


Installation Views

Press Release

The exhibition Kunst∙Stoff presents the textile as an impetus, theme and material of art. The historical starting point lies in the weaving workshop of the Bauhaus, probably the most influential educational institution for architecture, art and design in the 20th century. With this pioneering achievement, textile works step out of the realm of the applied for the first time. From then on, artists experimented and played with fabrics in a variety of ways. Finally, in the 1960s and 70s, the so-called Fiber Art movement helped textile design to emancipate itself entirely from applied art.

In addition to this history of material and technology, the assembled "Art Fabrics" illuminate the textile from feminist, intercultural, and ecological perspectives. Thus, for example, clothing, i.e. made-up fabric, becomes the starting point for artistic exploration - whether as a protective covering, as a stand-in for the absent body, or as an expression of social codes. The works always fascinate through their sensual presence and show that textile art is particularly touching.