Jessie Stead

Left Behind by Runaway Interludes

17 Apr – 30 May 2015
Jan Kaps, Cologne


Installation Views

Press Release

The exhibition includes four new 30 minute videos, each comprised of 16 slowly tracking channels looping in an unfixed grid pattern. Blinking admission tickets, dead birds, indicator lights, sidewalk cracks, and live documentation of the artist's performance art band provide the grids with focused collections of peripatetically produced subjects. Also premiering are a new series of floor-to-ceiling LED works Beaded Interludes (intestinal dimensions) which provide the show with an illuminated verticality.

Misunderstanding divine escape, I gave my brain to math. I dated meta-physicians I was told to destroy. Then I dangled applauded in somebody else’s mystery. Like an uninvited mosaic, left behind by runaway interludes. Now I don’t know, but Ive been told, that sounds are painted memories of speed, intoxicated politely. Like movie stars in general, a copy of what worked the first time.

  • Jessie Stead