Jean-Marie Appriou

Voyage D'Hiver

22 Oct 17 – 07 Jan 2018
Hosted By Palais De Tokyo, Versailles Gardens


Installation Views

Press Release

The work of Jean-Marie Appriou is a constant to-and-fro between study and studio creation. Appriou draws inspiration from materials and how they behave to build a symbolic and narrative framework. Despite the expertise gained in producing his works, the artist favours experimentation, testing unconventional methods. His sculptures tell stories : born from cultural references and manifest as objects to which an examination and transformation of their innate materials is added.

OBEL ISK GROVE The obelisk refers to a hydraulic effect created by over 200 water jets surrounded by a crown of lead reeds in the centre of the pool. The water from this octagonal pool pours out through four waterfalls into an outlying canal, surrounded by a lawn. This whole arrangement dates from 1705-1706.

HIVER, AUTOMNE, PRINTEMPS, ÉT É The works presented in the Obelisk Grove are inspired by the tradition of ornamental urns and the terms that give rhythm to the dramaturgy of the gardens. Each one symbolises a single season and element, faithful to the idea of a world governed by an unalterable natural order in a constant state of renewal. The grove opens with the figure of the swan representing the themes of both Autumn and water. To the right and left stand the torsos of two women whose hair is adorned with decorative ornaments : Summer on one side, with sheaves of wheat and grains ; and Spring on the other, with her buds, blossoms, and butterflies. One reminds us of the harvest, the other symbolises fertility. These iconographic associations finally come together in Winter and the earth, represented by a mole popping out of the ground.