Jean-Marie Appriou


12 Jun – 18 Jun 2023
Art Basel Unlimited, Basel

Installation Views

Press Release

Art Basel Unlimited | Hall 1.0 | Booth U39 Messeplatz 10, 4005 Basel curated by Giovanni Carmine

Opening (by invitation only): Monday, June 12: 4pm–8pm Unlimited Night: Thursday, June 15: 7pm–10pm

Horizons is a monumental aluminum project started by Jean-Marie Appriou in 2022. It is through a large-scale boat carrying two characters "austronauts" traveling through the stars and ages. Jean-Marie Appriou’s practice is a sublime union of mythology and craft. Verging on wizardry, he draws from his knowledge of ancient Egypt and literary history to generate new narratives, inhabited by characters that animate his flowing artistic production. From the vessels that carried ancient gods to the afterlife, to our contemporary spaceships that grant access to otherworldly dimensions, Appriou takes his viewer by the hand into his exquisitely poetic world, where classicism and pure imagination blossom into unique, sensory experiences.