Jean-Marie Appriou

3rd Biennale Internationale Saint-Paul de Vence

03 Jun – 01 Oct 2023

Installation Views

Press Release

After the first edition, built around sculptures staged to "inhabit" and bring to life the territory of Saint-Paul de Vence, and the second devoted to the views of a young generation of creators on the village, the third Biennale Internationale de Saint-Paul de Vence chose to draw inspiration from the universe and symbolism of birds. The choice was made by the two curators of this open-air exhibition: Ludovic Delalande and Claire Staebler.

The title recalls that the poet Jacques Prévert was a "considerable" inhabitant and passer-by of the village. His words, "Au hasard des oiseaux", invite us to discover, to feel and to meet twenty works by twelve artists who are messengers reminding us, more than ever, that it is profitable for man to live with the light and beauty of the flight of birds.

To be discovered until October 1, 2023, artists of different origins and generations will take over public spaces in the village of Saint-Paul de Vence, each developing, in their own way, a singular relationship with birds.