Minh Lan Tran

born 1997 in Hong Kong.

Minh Lan Tran's practice encompasses painting, writing, and performance, exploring the interplay and resistance between language, movement, and matter. Beginning with calligraphy, writing forms an important foundation of her artistic process. Embracing the principles of choreography, Tran carefully distributes different intensities, resulting in compositions that embody the fluidity of physicality. Rooted in diverse traditions and histories, her art addresses themes of social unrest and channels spiritual-political expressions of protest, including self-immolations. Through the convergence of these elements, the artist prioritizes embodiment over representation. Her works have been exhibited at venues including Harlesden High Street, London; the Museum of the Home, London; the Royal College of Art, London; the House of Annetta, London and the San Mei Gallery, London. She studied Art History at the Ecole du Louvre, Paris and the University of Oxford. She holds an MA in Byzantine studies and visual theology from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London (2020) and an MA in Painting from The Royal College of Art, London (2023).

Gallery exhibitions

Minh Lan Tran, Space of Resistance  at Jan Kaps, Cologne
Space of Resistance
01 Sep – 04 Nov 2023
Jan Kaps, Cologne
Thea Gvetadze, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Amol K Patil, Mark von Schlegell, Minh Lan Tran, Ang Ziqi Zhang, 13 for Luck at Jan Kaps, Cologne
Thea GvetadzeTanya Lukin LinklaterAmol K PatilMark von SchlegellMinh Lan TranAng Ziqi Zhang
13 for Luck
15 Feb – 08 Apr 2023
Jan Kaps, Cologne

Institutional exhibitions

Minh Lan Tran, No Place Like Home (A Vietnamese exhibition) [Group] at Museum of the Home, London
No Place Like Home (A Vietnamese exhibition) [Group]
11 Apr – 11 Jul 2023
Museum of the Home, London


Born 1997 in Hong Kong

2023 Sadie Coles HQ, London (Performance)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2024 Communication Grounds, Parliament, Paris

2023 Space of Resistance, Jan Kaps, Cologne Heat Generation, Harlesden High Street, London Sadie Coles HQ, London (Performance)

2022 Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond, Nicoletti Contemporary, London (duo show with Evelina Haggünd)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024 Nine Oils, Francis Irv, New York

2023 No Place Like Home (A Vietnamese exhibition), Museum of the Home, London 13 for Luck, Jan Kaps, Cologne Very Friendly, House, Berlin when I was walking on the edge of a teacup, Roman road, London

2022 Manifestation, Zérui, London No Place Like Home, Canning Gallery, London RAW, Soho review, Royal College of Art, London

2021 Wip show, Royal College of Art, London Deviations, House of Annetta, London Pending, San Mei Gallery, London